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xyZ autostereoscopic display takes the glasses out of 3D for (relatively) cheap


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We still have no idea how to bring this tech home, but Zero Creative has recently been showing off its glasses free 3D setup, bringing 1080p 3D to events and retail locations near you. Overall this autostereoscopic display seems to be offering better contrast ratio (1,800:1) than the (now discontinued) WOWvx based Philips screens we were drooling over last year, at a much lower price of just €6,795 for the 46-inch version. We won't claim to understand how the lenticular lens works, but without a way to experience the 3D effect on your own screen you'll have to take the word of overly excited conference attendees on how impressive it is, videos are embedded after the break.

[Thanks, Addae]

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