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ODST's Halo 3 maps revealed


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With all the talk of fancy open-ended environments, playable flashbacks and new cooperative modes, we'd almost forgotten about ODST's offering of new Halo 3 maps! When it launches later this year, Bungie's latest entry in the epic space hoop saga will include a Halo 3 multiplayer disc, which will contain three new maps (in addition to all the ones you've come to love and die repeatedly in).

Be sure to take a look at "Heretic" (the return of Halo 2's "Midship" arena), "Citadel" and "Longshore" in the gallery below. We've found that staring intently at them while bobbing back in forth in our seats provides a good, albeit imperfect, approximation of actual gameplay. We're just missing the cybernetic crotch thrusting toward us in regular intervals.

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