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Zu Online adds PvP arenas to the mix


Free-to-play MMO Zu Online is finally jumping onboard with PvP arenas, releasing information on "Soulfight Altar" and how the new area will affect PvP.

Overall, Soulfight Altar will be removing many of the items that has made Zu Online's PvP experience into an unbalanced mess. Some epic level equipment will be getting a resistance decrease while teleportation tablets will have absolutely no effect in Soulfight Altar, denying losing players the ability to quickly flee.

Scattered throughout the zone will be limited time power boosts as well, such as invisbility and regeneration pickups, allowing the tide of battle to be turned by the appearance of a single boost.

Fighting in Soulfight Altar will award new soulfight points, letting successful players grab a variety of equipment, including epic level armor sets.

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