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BioWare 'caught up' and 'pumped' on PS3 development


BioWare's Greg Zeschuk (and the team behind Dragon Age: Origins) is totally psyched to be developing on the PlayStation 3. Speaking to recently, Zeschuk expounded the team's excitement at BioWare, saying, "People on the team were really pumped to work on it ... we have a lot of people that like doing new stuff and trying new things, and they were like, wow another platform, can't wait!"

He added that the EA-owned development studio doesn't have "anything against Sony," it's just that "we [BioWare] worked with Microsoft for five years - that made it so easy to focus on Xbox and we didn't have to worry about the PlayStation platforms." Looks as though BioWare are warming up to new platforms, eh? Hang on to your butts, folks, it's a new world.

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