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Hunter gear for the level 80 beginning raider


Have you just reached level 80?

Hoping to see endgame before Patch 3.2?

Are you wanting to raid, but not sure what gear to get?

Well then, this guide is for you!

It might be true that you can go straight from questing and leveling straight into raiding Naxxramas. Maybe even get carried on a few 10man Ulduar Normal mode runs (if this happens I'm sure you will probably be a part of the next Guildwatch post.)

When you make the transition into endgame you really can't expect to crush the damage meters. Don't feel all insulted and indignant, it really isn't your fault. When your questing and leveling you don't really focus on gear much. Not to mention making sure you have the correct pet or spec to achieve the numbers published on Elitist Jerks or some of those other Hunter sites.

Another drawback of making the mad dash to end game could meant that you might have passed up on some great items to get your endgame raiding started on the right foot. Worse yet, you might have vendored or disenchanted some of those quest and reputation rewards for easy gold. Nothing can make you feel lower than a Gnome Warlock than showing up in quest greens and blues, doing less dps than the Tank all because you didn't think ahead and get a good starting raid set.

Of course your favorite Hunter columnist would never think of leaving you out in the cold that way. So I decided to put together a quick gearing guide that will help you achieve solid dps when you start raiding endgame content.


NeckBack: Shoulders: Chest: Waist: Hands: Wrists: Legs: Feet: Rings: Trinkets: Gun: Melee:

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