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Yamaha YTH-591 HTIB reviewed -- you pay more, you get more

Steven Kim

Every time we're asked for speaker and/or receiver suggestions and our victim's eyes glaze over as the discussion stretches on, we're reminded of why HTIB (home theater in a box) systems are so successful. As crazy as it seems to us, most people just want to get going with the HT, not invest in a lifestyle. Based on the review at the aptly named HomeTheaterInABoxReview, the Yamaha YHT-591 sounds like a system we could recommend the next time we're asked. At $649, it's on the expensive side of the HTIB spectrum, but you get what looks like a slightly detuned RX-V463 (105-Watt, 5.1-channels), 5 bookshelf/desktop-sized speakers and a 10-inch subwoofer. Other than the spring clips on the receiver, it looks like the receiver will survive a few round of speaker upgrades, with YPAO room EQ, HDMI connectivity and good codec support. Hit the link for the full details.
[Thanks, Brian!]

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