Yamaha's four updated HTIB systems have you surrounded

As much as we itch to go fully custom in assembling speaker/receiver combos from disparate brands, there are reasons that HTIB systems are so popular, with value and ease of use coming in high on the list. The four updated HTIB systems from Yamaha certainly stack up pretty well: a couple of systems (YHT-791 and 591) with HD audio codec support are balanced out by a pair of 5.1 systems (YHT-491 and 391) that trim the price without leaving you totally out of the game. Holding pole position is the $850 YHT-791, packing 90-Watts to the seven discrete channels and 100-Watts in the 10-inch sub. Four HDMI inputs, HD audio codecs and even a iPod dock round things out and pretty much ensure you'll have the audio thing covered. If you need that DTS HD-MA and Dolby TrueHD support but not 7-channels' worth, save yourself $200 with the YHT-591 and up to 5-channels at 105-Watts each -- it'd be the direction we'd lean in. But don't take our word for it -- hit the link, check out all four systems yourself and let your own ears decide.

[Thanks, Brian!]