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Not everyone's happy about Ubisoft Toronto

Justin McElroy

Like the welcoming of a new baby into the world, we're always excited about the birth of a new video game studio. But some Torontonians Torontions residents of Toronto weren't so happy about the 265 million-thick stack of Queen Es that their city laid down to get Ubisoft to expand there.

Globe & Mail columnist Marcus Gee fumed, "That quarter-billion has to come from somewhere, much of it from good Toronto businesses that don't have the buzz factor... Their tax burden will rise, and their business will suffer, while the cool kids in the video-game industry collect government cheques."

It's a statement that provides lots of insight, not only into the inner workings of the Toronto government, but also into the social standing of newspaper columnists if they think people in the video game industry are "cool kids."

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