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EA admits to errors in FIFA 09 online code, promises FIFA 10 fixed

FIFA 10 line producer (for the Wii version) Sid Misra has told footy fans that troublesome connection issues found in last year's edition are being addressed for the 2010 version of the game. In a forum thread on the official EA Sports site, Misra admitted that online connection problems encountered in FIFA 09 were due to errors in the game's code and are currently being ironed out for silky-smooth online gameplay in FIFA 10. That is great news ... unless you're one of the many people who bought FIFA 09 and were unaware of your unofficial status as an EA Sports beta tester.

According to Misra, EA is confident it can sew up holes in FIFA's online system -- citing an impressive 95% completion rate during internal testing. We think that's swell, but seeing as though there is a major difference between testing in a controlled environment and the real thing, we're waiting to see how it performs in our own home before we get excited.

[Via GoNintendo]

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