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Rebellion acquires Vivendi properties, details future plans


You may recall that, last week, Rebellion announced plans to release several of its titles on Here's the thing you might have missed: Rebellion didn't actually make the games that it was releasing on the service. As it turns out, Rebellion purchased the rights to several of Vivendi's properties in the wake of its merger with Activision last year. Big Download reports that Rebellion has "complete ownership of the IP" to Evil Genius, Ground Control, Empire Earth, Lords of the Realm, and Lords of Magic.

In addition to allowing the release of previous titles in each series, Rebellion also has the right to create new entries if it so wishes, with CEO Jason Kingsley telling Big Download, "we're putting our plans together for new titles in each series." Any sequels are on hold for the moment, though, as Kingsley notes that Rebellion is "super busy" with both Aliens vs Predator and Rogue Warrior.

Rebellion is offering the Vivendi properties via and Steam as part of its first steps into digital distribution, which Kingsley calls an "exciting area" for the company; one that "makes developing a smaller high quality game more possible for a developer working on their own."

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