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Comcast Mobile iPhone app video walkthrough

Nilay Patel

The free Comcast Mobile iPhone app just hit the App Store, and it's actually a pretty nice little interface to lots of Comcast features you might not otherwise use or care about. The 1.0 release offers access to your Comcast email, integrates with Digital Voice to provide visual voicemail, and serves up a rudimentary program guide and On Demand trailers -- nothing earth shattering, but all nicely implemented. Read on for some quick impressions and a video!

We've been playing with it for a couple days now, and we're thinking the Digital Voice integration is the killer feature in this version -- especially if you're like us and you're paying for a landline that you never use as part of a package. Being able to access voicemail and -- crucially -- being able to turn call forwarding on and off instantly make having a landline sort of useful. We're not saying we'd die without it, but it's definitely kind of nice -- and if Comcast is listening, it'd be even nicer if the next version integrated a VOIP client so you could actually use that landline on the go.

Speaking of features we want in the next version, the program guide and On Demand trailers are nice, but we're dying for some actual integration here -- Comcast says remote DVR scheduling is coming, but we'd love to things get crazy, like, say, being able to purchase and view On Demand content. It's just the first version, so we won't dock too many points for the skeletal feature set here, but the possibilities are endless -- we'd like to see them explored.

Oh, and there's also email, and although we're probably never going to use our Comcast email address, at least this app has us checking it, which is something we've never done before.

Overall, Comcast Mobile is a solid first effort that basically just makes Digital Voice somewhat more valuable. A little bit of spit and polish wouldn't hurt, and we'd love to see some deeper integration with Comcast's services, but hey -- it's free, right?

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