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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon for WiiWare: first trailer and details


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Surprise! The WiiWare Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, first revealed in a McDonalds-distribted flyer, are real, and are headed for Japan on August 4. Players will be able to share save data throughout all three games, so they can level up a persistent team.

The three games (Advance! Fire Adventure Team, Go! Storm Adventure Team, and Aim! Light Adventure Team!) each feature a different set of starting Pokemans. And in this game, your team can cooperate even more than in other Pokemon games, by piling up and attacking enemies simultaneously. The WiiWare game also features the "rescue" ability found in recent Shiren the Wanderer games, in which friends can revive your team over the Wi-Fi Connection.

After the break, we've embedded a trailer that details these features -- and shows off the adorable little Pokemon.


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