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Nintendo shatters dreams, has "no plans" to ship black Wii console in USA

Darren Murph

Seriously Nintendo, what is it? Do you hate freedom? Are you still bitter about the US reception to your underwhelming GameCube? Whatever the case, we're never going to forgive you for this one. After waiting for years for a Wii in any color other than glossy white, it seems that only the Japanese will be able to enjoy the sleek, sexy and altogether drool-worthy black Wii console. In fact, a rep for the Big N informed GameDaily that there are "no plans to have other colors of the Wii in the United States." As for us? We're plugging our ears and pretending this "individual" has no idea what he / she is talking about. And weeping, uncontrollably.

[Via Joystiq]

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