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Tony Hawk Ride board will actually be white

Justin McElroy

You can only imagine how exciting this is for me personally. Now that Activision has revealed that the Tony Hawk Ride board peripheral will be white when it finally releases, I'm among the elite few who used it when it was black. I'm at the epicenter of the maelstrom, like a guy who saw the Kennedy assassination from a different angle, or Michael Jackson's personal sandwich crust trimmer who "had noticed that he'd been acting sadder than usual, now that you mention it!"

RoboModo co-founder Josh Tsui also told, "[the board] is the most advanced peripheral on the market. It really is going to usher a next generation of controllers for games." That's great Josh, but let's try to stay focused on this color change ushering in the next generation of my personal fame. Leave all interview requests, book offers, etc. in the comments below.

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