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MTV reveals Rock Band Network, track upload program for artists


MTV is looking to add a pretty substantial feature to its Rock Band game, one that could have saved us all from the horrors of Coyote Ugly. See, if the movie's lead had just used Rock Band to get her stuff noticed, she wouldn't have had to dance on a bar, grow as a person and find her Romeo. She could've cut so many corners!

But, we digress. Later this year, MTV and Harmonix will launch the Rock Band Network, a utility that allows bands and acts to upload their stuff for the game. Rock Band Network is currently in closed beta, but have no fear. We could be seeing more on this as early as August, when it's planned to go into open beta. Initially, the Rock Band Network will only be available on the Xbox 360, though it's the goal to roll it out to the PS3 and Wii as soon as possible (what, no PSP love?).

The process itself sounds simple enough: When submitting music, talent have two different options. They can either submit their music to "a community of Harmonix-trained freelance game developers" who will handle implementing the music into the game, or "hire trained developers or school their existing employees to do the work in-house." This means that, for the first time, the acts will be able to control the note charts on their songs. Do you think Dragonforce ever wanted their song to be the most difficult thing ever?

Rock Band Network won't just help the little guy either, as Harmonix explains even with its bolstered staff, post-MTV acquisition, it can only add 10 new songs a day to the Rock Band store. This new system will help all music get into the game faster, and give Harmonix some relief from the burden. There's also another game to consider, which we're sure Harmonix is hard at work on right this very second.

[Via Billboard]

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