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Official Valkyria Chronicles 2 site launches

Jem Alexander

Famitsu may have spilled the beans with regards to the Valkyria Chronicles 2 announcement, but Sega has now officially opened the game's website for business. There's not much there right now except for the first page in the developer's blog, though it contains a few screenshots from the game, one of which you can see above. It looks like the style of the original has been maintained, despite the lower-resolution PSP graphics.

The developer diary -- handily translated over at Andriasang -- notes that the game has been bought to the PSP "to expose the series to a greater variety of users," and is keen to state that "this is a true sequel." The game is set three years after the first game, with no sign of any of the characters from the original, though we'd be very surprised if one or two didn't make at least cameo appearances in the sequel.

[Via Andriasang]

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