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APB developer cryptic about subscription model

Despite the fact that we've known about Realtime Worlds' MMO APB for almost four years now, details surrounding the game are slim. One important piece of non-existent info: What's the subscription plan going to look like? Registration fees that are too steep (or too shallow, for that matter) have been known to sink MMOs in the past. We already knew the game would have an "untraditional" payment model -- but we aren't much closer to knowing any specifics.

In a recent interview with VG247, Realtime's Dave Jones explained the game (which has cost $30 million to develop and provide server support for) will be a "traditional game that you buy," but that players won't need to "subscribe to play the game every month." He also claimed the subscription plan will be "unique" and "flexible," and will allow players to "get" why they're paying. Our guess? Realtime's going to set up a jar which players will be forced to drop nickels into whenever they curse.

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