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Screen sharing is caring: Skype 2.8 goes gold

Sang Tang

The good folks at Skype have just gone gold with the 2.8 update (link) (previously in beta) of the popular VOIP client for Mac OS X. As TUAW previously noted in the beta release of 2.8, the update brings with it support for screen sharing and Skype Access, the company's pay-as-you-go Wi-Fi service.

With screen sharing support, you now have the ability to share presentations, documents, and slideshows with that Windows friend of yours that you would otherwise ignore -- you know, that guy whose PC tower is so well-decorated with neon lights that you'd think you went to a rave when you walked into his room. Yes, that guy.

A host of other features are also included in the update. Improved chat management provides the ability to sort and prioritize chats, a quicker way to add people to chats, and mood messages for chats. Larger profile pictures (now up to 256x256 resolution) are now supported; and if you want to hide your profile pics from incoming contact requests, this is now supported as well. And for those of you that can't keep track of who you're talking to, or what you last talked to that person about, you are now given the luxury of a notes field for each contact.

Skype 2.8 is available for download (link) at the Skype website, or via the "Check for updates" option within the Skype app.

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