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The price of peace in SWTOR's latest Threat of Peace webcomic

Kyle Horner

The eleventh issue for Star Wars: The Old Republics' ongoing free webcomic Threat of Peace is out now, and full of Rodian and Jedi strife. Rodians get left out in the cold and hard times have fallen on the Jedi since the Sith Empire came down hard on Coruscant. Unfortunately, their plan of forcing the Republic into a cease fire worked, sorta.

Now the war rages on behind closed doors, through political maneuvers and inside torture sessions. It's bound to become quite grizzly from here on out. But such is the price of peace, and of course it should make for some great storytelling, which is the whole point. Oh and in case you missed it, the latest video showcasing plenty of gameplay and voice work is out as well. It's definitely a good week to be a Star Wars fan. Here's hoping for another class reveal soon!

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