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Fallen Earth set to release on September 9th

Kyle Horner

Almost as if they could read our thoughts, Fallen Earth LLC announced the game's release date just as we were wondering when said announcement would be made. The game will be made available at both retail and through digital distribution, although no mention was made of which services will be offering the game for download. Launch day is now set for September 9th and, come to think of it, really isn't too long from now.

Strangely enough, this happens to coincide with The Beatles: Rock Band's release date. We're sure there isn't too much overlap between people who love post-apocalyptic games and fans of the fab four. Then again, The Beatles fanbase is pretty huge and diverse, plus we're talking about a new Rock Band game.

Well, those of you who plan on getting both games could always blend them into your day. Jam on about your octopus garden and then shoot some ghouls in the face with a shotgun. Actually, that sounds like a pretty good day! Yeah, those Fallen Earth guys are onto something with this idea.

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