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The Daily Grind: What addicts you to MMOs?


PvPer? PvE lover? Are you all about the raids? Are you in it for the small group content? Achievement grabber? Battlegrounds dominator?

What drives your passion for MMOs? We usually put this type of stuff into more catch-all terms, such as "PvE player" or "PvP player" but we want to know exactly what pulls you into MMOs. No more of this beating around the bush and talking about large swaths of content.

So today's question is thus -- what is that one element that really keeps you coming back for more? It could be from any game or any genre, we just want to know what it is. Tell us a nice story about why it excites you so much as well, because we want to know what makes you tick.

When you feel the need for speech then head on down to our comment box and go to town. Let your keyboard free your feelings and shout them out for the whole internet to hear!

Ready, steady, go!

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