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LittleBigPlanet hits one million user-created levels


Awww, little Sackboy, you've come so far! Running, jumping and, um, grabbing your way through over one million user-created LittleBigPlanet levels in under a year -- why that's like, 20 million miles! In fact, according to the PlayStation Blog's calculations, that's about one new level being published every 21 seconds since the game released.

In celebration of the game's benchmark achievement, the game's developer, Media Molecule, has created the video you see above -- basically, a montage of various user-created levels, though we're more inclined to point you to LittleBigContra if you're really looking to be impressed. Furthermore, the post teases an August 18 reveal of "something interesting" from Media Molecule. Could it be more downloadable levels for the game? A new game entirely? A brand new car? We'll just have to wait until the 18th of August to see.

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