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Sony debuts 6.1-inch NV-U3DV navigation unit


Well, it's not the Android-based Walkman / PND that Sony supposedly has in the works for next year, but we're guessing the company's new NV-U3DV navigation will still turn a few heads nonetheless, and not just because of its large 6.1-inch screen. Launched today in Japan, this PND packs a 480x272 resolution on that big new screen for bigger buttons and more map space, along with a number of fairly unique features like Position+ G, which makes use of an accelerometer, gyro-sensor, and pressure sensors to detect the direction of the vehicle even in touchy environments like a tunnel or high incline. Otherwise, you can expect all the usual media player features (including mobile TV in Japan), live traffic information, and a full range of points of interest and various guides courtesy of PetaMap. No word on a release 'round here just yet, unfortunately, but folks in Japan will be able to pick this one up in August for ¥65,000, or just under $700.

[Via Sony Insider]

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