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Three bald, naked guys needed in LA immediately


Do you like your video games with an extra helping of naked, bald dude? It appears as though a game studio in LA will be fulfilling your desires come August 1. Superannuation caught the incredible Craigslist ad that we couldn't help but share with the world, calling for bald men who are willing to "shave all body hair."

Specifically, the casting calls for "Caucasian male model/actors for [a] video game shoot," and, in typical video game fashion, needs them in a group of three. Things just get steamier as the description continues, detailing the wardrobe, a "nude-colored thong," and a heads-up that applicants must be comfortable being "posed close to other men." You throw a disco ball and some roller skates into that mix, and you got yourself a party! And no, there is no word on whether or not Mark Wahlberg is involved. Yet.

[Via Superannuation]

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