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Artist lists work on Pure 2, now canceled


Professional artist Young s. Ko. has numerous video games under his belt, all listed on his blog and all likely to be very familiar to you. Why, he's done vehicle art for games such as Need For Speed Shift, Burnout Revenge, Pure and even Pure 2. "But wait!" you exclaim. "One of those hasn't come out!" You're right -- Need For Speed Shift hasn't been released yet -- but please, you really need to concentrate on the "Pure 2" thing. That's what this whole post is about.

According to the project's description, a sequel to last year's thrilling off-road racer has not only failed to materialize, but may have been sent to the scrap heap altogether. The publishing contract was allegedly canceled (not entirely surprising considering Disney's rough year), dashing our hopes of ever seeing Young's ATV displays, uh, displayed on a TV. Well, maybe not ever. One can hope that developer Black Rock Studios will revisit the four-wheeled franchise after it completes 2010's Split/Second ... provided we don't immediately start clamoring for a sequel to that first.

Disney Interactive Studios had no comment to offer at the time of publishing.

[Via superannuation]

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