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I found paradise in my Second Life

Tateru Nino

We're hardly sure what to make of this, exactly. A music video, newly released by rock group TARSHA, called "Second Life" (we guess that should be Second Life®, strictly speaking), with lyrics inspired by the virtual environment Second Life.

It's hard to say whether this badass little video will appeal to the predominantly over-45 age-group that makes up the majority of Second Life's most active users. As for ourselves, we don't seem to think that the visuals and the lyrics have a whole lot to do with each-other.

So, we'll put it to you, readers. Extreme? Poignant? Lame? What do you think?

Are you a part of the most widely-known collaborative virtual environment or keeping a close eye on it? Massively's Second Life coverage keeps you in the loop.

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