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Massively webcomic: Grinders - See, It's a Metaphor

Lemuel Pew

Especially during press and publicity events like San Diego's Comic Con, we are teased with what future games are to come, and lament the games that we cling to yet so desperately yearn to abandon. Grinders understands your pain. We're also pretty entertained by all the silly acronyms.

Have a funny story of your own? Submit your tale complete with a screenshot to The best will be allowed to ripen on the vine. Or just put in the comic.

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Lemuel PewLemuel Pew is a webcomic artist and MMO player with the attention span of a guppy. Between sketching gamers in cartoon form and inventing a paint-drying MMO, he draws an online comic called Blank It. Feel free to watch his Twitter at your own risk.

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