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MediaGate's MG-M²TV, world's first superscripted HD media player, is now available

Tim Stevens

Most other places will simply refer to this as the M2TV, but we're not that lazy. For you, readers, we'll dig out our bag of magical key combinations and do it the proper way: MediaGate's MG-M²TV. Beyond the needlessly elevated name what we have here is a reasonably comprehensive media player with a title far more interesting than its look. That boring black box houses a lot of functionality, including compatibility with oodles of video formats like AVI, WMV9, MKV, Xvid, H.264 -- and even RealVideo for some reason (yes, RealNetworks is still around). Music and image formats are equally comprehensive, there's even subtitle support, and it can all be sent to your HDTV at 1080p over HDMI or Component (check out the outputs after the break). It'll take media from a USB HDDs, memory cards, and there are plans for a WiFi module in the not too distant future. MSRP is $119, but we're finding it for around $100, meaning WD's HD Media Player has a little competition on its hands.

[Via Newswire Today]

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