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ESRB rating explains Dragon Age: Origins' sexual exploits

Our brief E3 demo of BioWare's upcoming massively-offline RPG Dragon Age: Origins left us fairly concerned. It seemed too much focus had been put on making the game a tawdry simulator for erotic rendezvous -- however, the game's recently released ESRB rating has assuaged our fears somewhat. According to the listing, the game features no nudity -- save for a pair of female demon breasts, which clearly don't count.

While you can still shack up with your traveling cohorts, it appears any and all sweet love-making will take place off-screen. That's sorta classy, we guess -- though said class is somewhat canceled out by a brothel featured in the game that lets you hook up with "a woman, a man, a transsexual, or an animal." We're fairly certain that even implied in-game bestiality is enough to make it on Fox News for a week or two. Classiness rebuked!

[Via VG247]

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