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All Weather Cellular Camera is an all weather cellular camera


Looking to bolster your home surveillance setup with something sure to survive power outages, harsh weather conditions and / or zombie invasions? Then you may want to accept no less than this new All Weather Cellular Camera now available from Brickhouse Security, which promises to provide just about everything you'd expect from a surveillance system in an entirely self-contained unit. That includes a PIR body heat-activated nightvision camera (just 1.3-megapixels, but you can't be too picky in these cases), 50 infrared flash bulbs, a built-in tactical laser to ensure it's pointing at just the right spot, a CompactFlash card slot to store images in case the cellular network goes down, and a 6V battery that promises to last for four to six weeks (which can be doubled with an optional second battery), to name but a few features. Naturally, none of that comes cheap and, at $599, you may want to consider a second camera to keep an eye on the first.

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