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Remember The Force Unleashed? It's getting Trophies

Jem Alexander

Of course Star Wars: The Force Unleashed isn't dead. Who told you that? Not only was a new version announced to be released this fall, but the LucasArts twitter feed has revealed that the original PS3 version will be receiving a Trophy patch around the same time. The only catch: You'll need to start a new game in order to begin earning Trophies; they aren't retroactive with existing saved games.

Sure, you'll still need to pony up the cash for the Ultimate Sith Edition if you intend on playing one of the new missions, but if, like us, you still have an unopened copy of the original sitting around from the Great Game Flood of Q4 2008, you'll no doubt welcome the excuse to finally crack it open. Apparently it's pretty good. For a Star Wars game.

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