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Guildwatch: Just don't say "priceless"

Mike Schramm

We got quite a few good photoshopped victory pictures in the email after our suggestion that you send us some a few weeks ago, so you'll probably see a few of them here in the column over the next few weeks (assuming, that is, we don't get any hilarious chat logs that we need to show you). This one's from Tyranis, GM of The Arcane Council on Bloodhoof, who adds in some fun stuff to every screenshot his guild puts together. Go see more of them on their website.

More downed news, as well as drama and recruiting notices, in this week's Guildwatch, which starts below. If you have news to send in, please do: drop us a quick note (the more you can emulate the format of the news below, the better) at Meanwhile, read on for this week's column.


  • Dracus of The Thundering Legion on Garona gets accused of being a ninja, and someone else from the guild shows some real class (/sarcasm) by saying the guy was bad and didn't deserve loot in the first place. But the real drama here is in the backstory: The guild originally started up on Maelstrom, and then left that server, claiming that they couldn't get enough people because all of the players there were bad. But that didn't stop them from coming back to Maelstrom to recruit when they couldn't get enough players on Garona, either. They've made such a name for themselves that people are laughing at them on both Garona and Maelstrom.
  • This is just a regular ninja thread (someone named Dionysos from Ashes took some loot from KT) for a little while, but the second and third pages are worth reading. Someone from Ashes shows up on page 2, claiming that the thread is giving them a bad reputation, just as his complaining... gives the guild a bad reputation. And on page 3, Mental gets pulled into the mix, and has not one but two guildies coming to their defense. The guild, they doth protest too much? Let your actions speak for you, not some forum thread, guys.
  • Like reading convoluted guild histories and walls of text? Then this story is for you. After someone tries calling out The Remnant on Aggramar for supposedly heading for a crash, that guild's leader decides to debunk the rumors with possibly the most detailed guild history we've ever seen. All of the founding, the drama, the rebuilding, and every player and member involved, it's all there. In fact, it makes us realize just how many guild histories like this are out there, undocumented. Good thing GW is here to point them out.
  • Snawg apparently pulled off a gbank ninja of QUANTUM over on The Venture Co. Which isn't too groundbreaking in and of itself (although the guild has apparently closed its doors since). But man, look at how dramatic that post gets. "As grieved as I am about this, I am more infuriated with the fallen one named Snawg. Rest assured, when the dust settles, he will know true destitution.... " Seriously, "true destitution." Sure, getting your guild bank taken away sucks, but drama is all about taking things that aren't serious way too seriously. And that, my friends, is drama.
  • From my home realm of Cenarius comes news that "Cataclismic IS A NINJA guild." But that thread is worth even more for Failwarrior's Accusation Forum Posting 101 course. He's exactly right: when it comes to claiming people stole from you, details are the best way to go.
  • This is only tangentially related to guilds (though Business Time on Tanaris does make a cameo, as a guild that tried to help out a BT PuG), but it's almost too good to pass up. Monardy is pretty unhappy -- not only did he join a PuG with Platedpriest, and not only did he get some loot from it, but apparently he paid a full 1000g to get someone else in, and they didn't end up with any loot at all. Let's repeat that: he paid 1000g to join a Black Temple PuG. We'll let you figure out the rest of the story for yourselves.
  • Plague apparently used to be a pretty big guild on Onyxia. Notice that we say "used to be." And here are the dirty details. Calling people out by name gives it all a nice personal touch, too, don't you think?
  • A ninja brings out a throwdown between The Commonwealth and Horde Defense League on Zul'jin. And apparently this all happened after The Commonwealth told their members never to run with HDL again. Good times.
  • Apparently Reckless on Dragonblight is no more, after one of their players cleared out the guild bank. And Hornswaggle has kindly gone and archived all of the guild infighting and back and forth about it for us. Rumor has it that they beat their heads up against Yoggy for a while, and when they couldn't do it, the guild broke up, the GM cleaned out the bank, and everybody scattered to the winds.
  • The Haven on Shandris-A downed General Vezax the other week. They formed as a guild right before Ulduar after drama had them leaving another guild, and are headed towards Yoggy to take him out. Good luck!
  • The NuGen Continues of Darkspear EU are making good progress into Naxx 10 clearing all quarters except for Thaddius. Flame Leviathan is downed as well.
  • Final Empire on Eredar had both an epic Mimiron and Yogg 25-man down in the past few weeks -- Mimiron was almost a wipe, but a few of the guildies just went ahead and finished him off, and Yogg is always an epic down.
  • Return of the Phoenix is currently pushing Ulduar 25-man with the help of a few PuGs three times a week, and they've cleared out Siege and Antechamber so far. Hodir is currently on notice. They're also recruiting: Rogues and Mages specifically, with other classes possible, except Hunters. If you can sing over Vent, that's a plus, we hear.
  • The Spirit Blade (EU Ravenholdt-A) cleared out Naxx 10, and finished off XT-002, Razorscale, Kologarn, and Auriaya all in 10-man Ulduar. Congrats! They're still seeking tanks and healers for 25-mans as well.
  • Absolution on Norgannon-A is working their way through the 10-man content, and have now cleared out Naxx and are 5/14 in Ulduar. Ignis is on notice for next time. They're also trying to bolster the ranks for 25-man raiding as well if you're interested.
  • Hitchhikers Guide on Nordrassil-H have had some progression slowdown recently, after the GM and his officer girlfriend broke up. But they've gotten back into it lately, finishing off Mimiron and Thorim in 25-man. General's on notice for both difficulties as well.
  • Rule Thirty Four on Daggerspine-A has downed 25-man Yogg and is starting to work on hard modes, having done Iron Council and Flame Leviathan with three towers to warm up already.
  • The Departed of Kul Tiras had their very own GM Jaxx get the server first legendary mace from Ulduar. Congrats!
  • Uber Pug, a guild made up of seven real-life friends on Demon Soul, downed Mimiron the other night, after one-shotting everything else (we presume everything before Mimiron) in the instance. Very nice. Vezax is next.
  • The Kabal, a Horde 10 man Raiding guild on Hellscream, took down Yogg Saron after a few tough weeks. Grats!
  • ValhallaDK of EU Wildhammer finished off Sapphiron on their second try ever, and then KT right after that. Congrats!
  • Forsaken Night of Zangarmarsh-H have downed Kel'thuzad and cleared out Naxx. Next up, they're aiming to do it faster.
  • Agony on Ysera-H claimed the "I Choose You, Steelbreaker" achievement by downing the Assembly of Iron hard mode for a Hordeside first. Almost to Algalon!
  • Aftermath of Wildhammer-H has completed 10-man Glory of the Ulduar Raider for a Horde first on the server. Congrats!
  • Tipplesplitters on Malygos their server's namesake for the first time a little while back. They are planning on starting the push into Ulduar with Flame Leviathan, continuing into the Siege of Ulduar if all goes well.
  • MH of Llane downed Heroic Yoggy. Congrats!
  • Chosen Rejects from Alleria-H has downed 10-man Ulduar, including Yogg, and they are 8/14 in 25-man. Very nice job.
  • Rise of Mayhem on Elune-A rocked Hodir 25 and got him down in an hour and a half total. And only 10 of the 25 people in there had ever seen him before, and then only in 10-man. Sounds good to us.
  • Reviction of Stormscale is recruiting: they're a mid-day guild with most of the members stationed in Europe. They're 13/14 in 10-man with hard mode XT, IC, Hodir and Thorim downed as well as 12/14 in 25-man. Most classes are being recruited, but they are actively searching for a Resto Shammy.
  • Months Behind, an Alliance raiding guild on Mug'thol, is recruiting Hunters, Holy Pallies, Resto Druids, and Disc Priests. They are 13/14 in Ulduar 10 and 25 and have cleared some hard modes in both instances. They've been together for nearly five years, and their main goal is to balance progression raiding with real life. Hit up their website if interested.
  • Black Label Disciples on Eitrigg-H is a casual raiding guild working through Ulduar 25, currently on Mimiron. They're seeking healers, ranged DPS, and a DPS Death Knight as well. Please be geared for Naxx at least, and ready to join a mature, casual environment.
  • Decepticons on Stormreaver are recruiting a Holy Paladin, Shadow Priest, and Elemental Shaman for Ulduar, including Yogg and hard modes. Hunter and/or Feral Druid also considered, as well as server transfers, though you should probably apply before paying the fee.
  • Plays Well With Others is recruiting on Runetotem-A. They're a casual guild that raids twice a week on weekends, but nevertheless is now 11/14 in Ulduar 10, and 5/14 in 25-man. They need most classes to fill out the 25-man group, so if you're friendly and fun-focused, they want you.
  • Honor and Glory on Blood Furnace-H is an easy-going guild that still believes in organized raiding. They're seeking skilled players for Ulduar and the Coliseum -- they've got a 10-man group in Ulduar right now, and want to do more. Priests, Druids, Hunters, Mages, and Locks as well as a geared tank are especially needed, and other classes will be considered.
  • Azeroth Police Dept. on Icecrown-H needs weekend raiders for Ulduar 10 content. They're aiming to get players geared, gemmed and enchanted and ready for Ulduar 10.
  • GESTALT of Deathwing is looking for people of every spec to join them in Ulduar 25. They raid three times on weekends, usually from 7pm to around midnight server.
  • Eagle Scout Mafia (server?) is now recruiting for level 80 content including 5-man Heroics with the Glory of the Hero as a goal as well as 10-man raids. All class and specs are sought for weekend raids.
  • Starleaf, a social raiding guild on EU Haomarush-A, is looking for new members. All classes and specs are welcome. Preferred age is 18+ but exceptions will be made for exceptional candidates. They're aiming to see all of the raiding content, and have fun doing it, so if that sounds good to you, look them up.
That's it for this week's GW. Until next week, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including an honest-to-goodness /gkick contract, and lots of red-handed bank looting. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!

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