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Mom installs 98-inch screen in son's ceiling, inspires lifelong neck pain


It's hard not to be impressed by the gaming setup seen "above." It was conceived by one Patti Deni, who had the 98-inch screen installed in her son's ceiling as a (helluva) surprise. The setup -- comprised of a projector and some reflecting mirrors -- weighs over 300 pounds and required the ceiling to be re-framed and reinforced. The project, which special wiring so that Deni's son can connect his computer and game consoles -- has garnered a Home of the Year nomination from Electronic House magazine.

While Deni claims that the screen is viewable from "just about anywhere," we'd be remiss not to note that any seating position would still require that one look up. We just hope she had the foresight to buy some nice neck pillows (hopefully not of the fuzzy green variety).

[Via Engadget]

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