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Ace Attorney and Resident Evil bring Capcom a favorable Q1


Capcom just released its financial results for its fiscal Q1, which ended on June 30. It doesn't look like we'll be reporting any major Capcom layoffs anytime soon, as the company managed to post increased sales for the quarter.

Net sales for Q1 were ¥19.497 billion ($203.68 million), up 19.2 percent from Q1 last year. Operating income rose 23 percent, to ¥3.664 billion ($38.277 million). Capcom attributes the positive numbers to continued sales of Resident Evil 5, along with successful Japanese launches for Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth and the PSP version of Sengoku Basara Battle Heroes. "As a result," Capcom announces, "we marked the best net sales, operating income and ordinary income since quarterly release announcements began."

Less responsible for Capcom's record success: Bionic Commando and the localized version of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, as well as the arcade business. Can't win 'em all.

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