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'Avatar' game requires HDMI for 3D effects

Avatar, the upcoming Ubisoft title based on the film James Cameron could not stop talking about during E3 2009 will require an HDMI port for 3D effects, leaving early Xbox 360 owners out in the cold. Luc Duchaine, senior international brand manager for the game adaptation of James Cameron's Avatar confirmed to MTV Multiplayer that a full 1080p setup will be required to play the game with 3D effects.

Although all Xbox 360 consoles are now capable of upscaling content to resolutions as high as 1080p, the Avatar game requires a native 1080p output which is only achievable through HDMI (something that is common knowledge for 3D geeks, we're told). Users with an HDMI equipped console now only need a pair of 3D glasses included with the game and a compatible 3D 1080p, 120Hz TV set! If 3D isn't an option, the game is still playable the old-fashioned way; however, the 40-minute introduction video starring James Cameron explaining the entire Avatar universe that we expect to see when the game inserted into our console will be slightly less awesome.

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