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Watch four videos of The Beatles: Rock Band [update 3]


Update: Alas, the videos featured last night have been removed from YouTube due to a "copyright claim by Viacom." Sorry to everyone who missed them!

Update 2: As some of our commenters have smartly pointed out, all four of the removed videos are available legally through the official website for The Beatles: Rock Band.

Update 3: It seems as though even three of the four tracks have been removed from the official website for the game, and now only "Birthday" is available. Sorry again, folks!

There's nothing we like more than sitting back on a Sunday evening and listening to some good music. Tonight we're offering you the chance to listen along with us, with four tracks from The Beatles: Rock Band. Better yet, we've got the videos from the game as well for your viewing pleasure, just after the break.

While we're partial to the video for "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band," who are we to go all willy nilly suggesting what you choose to enjoy? Kick off your slippers and get ready for sheep counting with a handful of Beatles music from us to you. Oh, and if it's your birthday, happy birthday to you. (Sorry, we couldn't resist.)

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