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Pearl Jam's next album simultaneously arrives at retail, in Rock Band 2


For a site that writes about all things video games, we've written an awful lot about Pearl Jam over the last couple of years. In fairness, Pearl Jam has been making a lot of noise on the rhythm game front, releasing an entire album as DLC for Rock Band 2, eliciting responses from their community on a future "Rock Band project," and now, announcing that their next album is dropping day and date at retail as well as DLC for Rock Band 2.

Billboard spoke with the band and confirmed that their next album, titled "Backspacer," will be "available on Rock Band the day it comes out." Additionally, Target will be getting its own version of the album that will come with a code to download various PJ songs in Rock Band -- a tactic that the group's employed in the past. "Backspacer" hits stores and XBLM/PSN on September 20.

[Via VG247]

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