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Echostar might SlingLoad other manufacturer's cable boxes


Even though some cable giants are already trying their hand at placeshifting with TV Anywhere, Echostar may be ready to leverage its technology by licensing the SlingLoaded feature to other set-top box manufacturers like Motorola, Cisco or Pace, according to Cable Digital News. With its tru2way cable box still notable lacking a distribution deal, this could be a way for Sling fans that don't want any additional hardware to get it in the home, but speaking of that T2200S (still not coming to retail channels according to Senior Product Manager P. Margit Tritt) the company's presence at The Independent Show also gave it an opportunity to feel out the needs of smaller cable operators. Either way, there's plenty of time before its planned Q4 2009 launch - go on, admit you're excited, we don't judge here.

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