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Around Azeroth: In loving memory


This screenshot might not be much to look at, but the story behind it is so heart-meltingly touching I had to post it. Our anonymous submitter from Cenarion Circle writes, "As a cat of mine I had for 11 years passed away suddenly, I wanted to remember her in game through a vanity pet. Well, the closest match was a Black Tabby Cat that drops off of Dalaran mages in Silverpine Forest. My toon being Alliance, the only way to get it was through the AH, but the prices were way too expensive for me to get. So I sent a "Talk to a GM ticket" to see if there were any other mobs that drop the cat. After talking to a GM, he stepped out for a minute then asks me to log off a sec."

"After doing so I found a Black Tabby Cat in my mailbox. The mail I got said that "Since you have been such a loyal customer and have not requested anything of us in the past we have decided to provide you with the requested item at this time. " The letter even had a special message at the front that read " Item Restoration (In Memory of [My Cat])". Here' s the pic of my now immortalized (at least till the servers are shut off in the year 3000 by Bender himself) cat in game." Awww.

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