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AT&T's new 'Viva Mexico' plan serves up bucket of minutes

Chris Ziegler

If you find yourself frequently dialing Guadalajara, Chihuahua, or La Paz, you might take a gander at a newly-introduced calling plan from AT&T that's offering a package of features custom-tailored to the needs of the carrier's largest long-distance destination. The so-called "Viva Mexico" plan bundles 1,000 anytime minutes for use in the US and Mexico, a total annihilation of international long-distance charges, and the ability to benefit from rollover on the Mexico-friendly minutes. This all only applies to voice -- messaging and data are still on the hook for international fees -- but if voice is your thing, it's might be worth the $54.99 AT&T is commanding for individual plans (or $84.99 for two lines on a family plan).

[Via Phone Scoop]

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