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Microsoft's Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000: ready for Windows 7, just like your haggard Vista PC


Microsoft has, against all odds, managed to stuff comfort and wireless into its new Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000 keyboard and mouse set. Beyond the usual improvements to design (and some nice new soft touch materials), the setup includes some Windows 7 optimizations, particularly the Taskbar Favorites keys for instant access to corresponding taskbar items from a row of hotkeys (think your number row in World of Warcraft, Mr. Gnome Rogue), along with a Windows Flip button on the mouse and keyboard, and Device Stage support for checking out and setting up your fancy Microsoft hardware in glorious detail. The mouse is a BlueTrack-powered affair, and both devices hook up to the computer wirelessly through an included 2.4GHz transceiver. The pair will be out later this month for $80.

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