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Samsung Solstice briefly observed, enjoyed

Chris Ziegler

If you've been searching your soul and the shelves of your local AT&T shop for the perfect replacement for that Samsung Eternity in your pocket, the new Solstice might be the answer; granted, you lose a megapixel of camera resolution and AT&T Mobile TV support, but in exchange, you get a sleeker package, an updated UI, and the constant comfort that comes with knowing that your phone isn't more than six months old. Is it any good, though? Brighthand seems to think so, having checked it out recently and concluding that the UI is snappy -- important for any phone, but particularly critical for full touch models. The browser and call quality are also apparently quite good, so at under a hundie on contract, it certainly seems like it might be worth a look-see down at the store if you're in the market.

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