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Third Call of Duty: World at War map DLC hits tomorrow, screens and video hit today


After announcing late last month that Call of Duty: World at War would receive a third DLC map pack, the week has finally arrived for those of you patiently waiting. As if to bait your thirst all the more, Activision has handed over a new trailer and a handful of screens of the content in question -- "Battery," "Breach," "Revolution," and new zombie map "Der Riese."

More importantly, we'd like to point out that the game's developer, Treyarch, has finally gone all the way off the deep end and thrown in teleporters. Between the Nazi zombies and now this, we're getting all verklempt for the old days with Wolfenstein. What fun we had! Anyway, if this is your kind of thing, get your 800 ($10) and $9.99 ready to go for when the pack digitally arrives on XBLM and PSN (respectively) tomorrow.

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