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Batman PC release bumped to September, Nvidia PhysX supported

Bad news for those hoping to answer the Bat-Signal's call by way of a computer -- the PC version of Batman: Arkham Asylum will not be arriving at the "same Bat-time" (or "same Bat-channel," if you think about it) as its console iterations. Eidos and Nvidia today dated the PC release for September 15 in North American and September 18 in Europe and Australia. That's a bit of a bump from the console versions' August 25 launch.

Speaking of Nvidia, today's news also revealed that the game will support the manufacturer's "PhysX" technology, provided you've got a beefy enough GeForce card. We suppose the game's newfound prettiness makes up for its marginal tardiness. Hey, at least it wasn't pushed to the ever-popular Q1 2010, right guys?

[Via Big Download]

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