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Creative rents tuxedo, selects Opera for Plaszma-based Zii EGGs

Tim Stevens

We're still not entirely sure what to make of Creative's Zii EGG handheld, as the last demo we saw of the product looked interesting but also somewhat devoid of features. Now Creative has confirmed an important one: web surfing. The device can officially run either Android or the company's own flavor of Linux dubbed Plaszma, and for that latter, poorly spelled one Opera has been chosen as the defacto browser. Given the open source underpinnings users will have plenty of other options to install if they like, but the Opera Devices SDK also enables the easy creation of webby widgets to clutter that 320 x 480, 10-point multitouch screen. The hope is this will speed up software development for the... thing, thus opening the door for a flood of useless applications the likes of which we haven't seen since the last App Store update.

[Via anythingbutipod]

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