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High-end Samsung AMOLED phone coming Q4 to Sprint, sub-$100 Android phone due out next year

Ross Miller

Ûber-green Reclaim might be taking center stage today, having found itself a home with Sprint, but Samsung had a couple other forward-thinking comments that we think are worth highlighting. For starters, the Now Network should expect to carry a high-end, AMOLED device from the phone maker in the fourth quarter of this year. That description, however, fits the bill for any number of Sammy phones currently in the works -- if we had to take a shot in the dark, we'd be anxious to know what screen technology is inside the oft-rumored InstinctQ. Looking ahead to 2010, Reclaim product manager mentioned to NY Times that it'll be launching an Android device "for well under $100" next year -- looks like the HTC Click is gonna have itself some competition, after all. Hey Sammy, you know what'd be great? A smartphone that was Android, AMOLED, and under $100 -- we can dream, can't we?

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