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No Guitar Hero: Van Halen for Europe this year

We bring you sad tidings of yet another game's delay into 2010 -- but two elements of this particular delay may soothe your frayed nerves. First, the title in question will only be delayed in Europe, where a good number of you do not live. Second, the delayed title is Guitar Hero: Van Halen, which a good number of you apparently could not care less about.

Activision recently told Eurogamer that the PAL version of the "Jump"-infused rhythm title would not hit store shelves later this year. The game has since undergone a release date bump to "TBD 2010" -- not the "Q1 2010" window we've become so accustomed to seeing this year's titles pushed to. The publisher didn't explain the reason for the delay, but we're pretty certain it didn't want Van Halen competing with the other 58 rhythm titles it's releasing this holiday season.

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