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UK virtual worlds writer, Tim Guest, dead at 34

Tateru Nino

UK virtual worlds journalist and best-selling author, Tim Guest (also known as Errol Mysterio in Second Life) passed away last week at the untimely age of 34. Only recently married late last year, his wife found him dead of apparent heart-failure late last week.

Guest's work in UK journalism and with metaverse development group, Rivers Run Red, straddled the period of mainstream awareness of virtual environments in general and of Second Life particularly. Guest's book Second Lives: A Journey Through Virtual Worlds was widely acclaimed as a full and frank view of the realities and the potentials of Second Life and other virtual environments, and his treatment of virtual environment topics in his journalistic career demystified the subject for many ordinary people.

While we didn't know Guest personally, the industry will suffer from the loss of Guest's informed commentary and popularization of the medium.

[via Sky News]

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