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Capcom doesn't completely dismiss Darkstalkers Remix possibility


We're going to be honest with you here, the real reason this post exists is because we really hope Capcom is considering an HD remix of of the Darkstalkers series (hell, even an SD re-release would be fine). That said, the company didn't actually do anything to suggest that one is in the cards. What did happen was this: Someone over at the Capcom Unity forums posted a thread asking about the likelihood of a Darkstalkers remix.

It looks like Capcom actually took notice, with business and strategy VP Christian Svensson joining the conversation and asking, "Is this something people would want to see?" After a rousing chorus "Hell yes," Svennson added, "Thanks for the feedback guys. Appreciate it."

Frankly, we don't find it likely that Capcom would go to the trouble of actually remaking a Darkstalkers game. After all, it took serious effort to produce Street Fighter II HD Remix, and Darkstalkers has considerably more frames of animation that would have to be redrawn. However, Capcom has proven that it's not averse to listening to fans and re-releasing ports of older games, as evidenced by Marvel vs Capcom 2.

So, how about it, Capcom, can we have a Darkstalkers re-release? An entirely new entry in the series would also be acceptable.

[Thanks, Bruce! Image: UDON]

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