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Final Fantasy XIV site updated with new story and game information

Kyle Horner

We're very happy with all this Final Fantasy XIV news lately, and at the same time are fairly amazed it keeps coming so rapidly. First it was the removal of levels and experience, then info on the new race names and jobs. Now, Square Enix has updated the official website with new information on the Eorzea and its races' history as well as the job system. Plus, there's tons of new screenshots, so let's dig in!

For instance, we now know that players may specialize into four differing job branches however they see fit, also known as forging a Discipline. The four are: Disciple of War, Disciple of Magic, Disciple of Land and Disciple of Hand, which correlate to melee combat, magic combat, gathering crafting materials and crafting, respectively.

Then there's Guildleves, which is a way for players to tailor a quest to their party makeup, whether that be themselves or a larger group of differing job types. If players attempt a riskier Guildleves, the reward is also improved as well. So it would seem that, interestingly enough, Final Fantasy XIV may be looking to attract people looking for all sorts of difficulty in their MMO.

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There's also a small entry concerning one of the three main city-states in the game, Limsa Lominsa, although the other two have yet to be detailed. And that's still the case for much of the game. Although we have been able to glean one important thing from the website update: It appears as though changing jobs can be done on the fly, or at least without having to go find a nearby Moogle as is the case in Final Fantasy XI.

We're happy if that's true, as it means the team is thinking about ways to ease the playing experience of their next MMO without simply making leveling an entirely solo affair. Hopefully, we'll have further information to report to you from PAX.

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